Harness the might of two legions in the new special event!


What insanity is this?

Kor Phaeron

War consumes the galaxy

The Warmaster’s scheme spread many loyalist Legions throughout the galaxy before unveiling his betrayal. Horus knew that if he were to triumph, the Legions that stood besides the Emperor had to be unable before to reinforce Terra. For this, he sent his own reserves to further delay any attempts to reach the Imperial Capital.

Elements of the Iron Hands, Dark Angels, Imperial Fists and Ultramarines were forced to consolidate their forces and battle in devastating skirmishes throughout the void against forces of the Word Bearers, Iron Warriors, Death Guard and Sons of Horus. Both sides knew the end was close, and brought their Legions together to defeat their enemies in a series of brutal battles.

Unite the Legions 

In the new multi-faction event, A Chance Encounter, you will be able to unite the forces of two different non-neutral factions under the same banner.

Battle of Aragna Chain

At the start of the event run, you will select a Warlord as per usual, but then you will be offered the choice of three different Legions. This will be your allied faction for this event run. The options available as potential allied factions vary depending on which side you’re fighting for. This means that if your Warlord comes from a Loyalist faction, you will be able to make an alliance with other Loyalist factions, and viceversa.

Once you have selected your Warlord and allied faction, you will start drafting your deck. The key difference is that now that you have an allied faction the choices given to you every step of the draft won’t come just from your Warlord faction’s and the neutral card pool, but from your allied faction as well!

Are you ready to find unexpected ways to end your enemies, with the whole Imperium at stake? Hone your drafting skills, discover powerful card combinations and join the fight for the Imperium in the new event: A Chance Encounter

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