Infiltrate Pluto as the Alpha Legion in the new campaign!


“Do you like surprises?”

– Alpha Legionary

Tasked by Warmaster Horus to test and evaluate the defences of the Sol System, the Alpha Legion activates dozens of sleeper cells and agents seeded upon Terra itself and throughout the system. Hidden by this synchronized massive subterfuge, Alpharius leads the Alpha Legion in a harrowing assault upon the Hydra fortress, orbiting Pluto.

Pluto was the lynchpin of the loyalist surveillance network and communication systems. Were it to fall, the Sol system would be mostly blind to the traitor’s advances, ensuring a safe entry into the system for the Warmaster and his fleet. Alpharius took great advantage of the distractions he had planned and planted way before the start of the Horus Heresy and led a massive Alpha Legion fleet near the fortress moon undetected.

It was not to be an easy mission, but the Primarch himself led the main mission and brought his greatest warriors in an infiltration attempt to sabotage the fortress’ astropathic chamber. The plan was solid. However, the Imperium, awaiting for any traitor attempt to breach, deployed the resistant Imperial Fists across the Sol system, and many had been stationed near Pluto. What could go wrong?

The Harrowmaster Strikes

Leading one of the many strikes into the Hydra Fortress, Armillus Dynat’s task was to spread confusion and disarray amongst the defenders. With his skill for rapid assault and deployment, the Harrowmaster led his forces through the mortal defenders, and into the stubborn resistance of the Imperial Fists.

Dynat would continue to harry and lock his opponents into stunned indecision until he had them right where he needed them. Knowing the Imperial Fists would be severely weakened without their command structure, the Alpha Legion officer led a blinding assault against Sigismund, Lord Templar of the 7th Legion. That would be the victory they needed to plunge deeper into the fortress and attempt to sabotage its astropathic chamber.

The Enemy Within

Seeded many years prior to the assault, and even before the declaration of the Heresy itself, indoctrinated sleeper cells and infiltrators of the Alpha Legion broke from their cover to sow havoc and chaos amongst the defenders of Pluto. This opened the way for Ingo Pech, First Captain of the Alpha Legion, to lead a deadly attack on the Hydra Fortress.

Relying on his penchant for turning his enemies against themselves, he made quick progress against the mortal defenders but started to encounter trouble against the stalwart Imperial Fists. Knowing withdrawal to be the wiser choice, he continued to press the attack and aim to cut the head from the Fist’s defence before him. Archamus, Master of Dorn’s Huscarls, was to be his final target.

The Primarch Revealed

Knowing the Imperial Fists would respond with speed against any attack in the Sol System, Alpharius knew his window to strike was limited. His goals were to pave the way for the Warmaster’s assault, and to assassinate his brother Dorn if possible. Leading attacks on the Astropathic chambers, he had also set a trap for his brother, and his Imperial Fists.

Unbeknownst to Alpharius, Dorn had predicted such deception, and the 20th Primarch’s gamble turned against him as the Imperial Fists began a brutal counter-attack on the Alpha Legion. Alpharius knew he had but one chance to end this. The death of the Praetorian.

Alpharius Omegon, primarch of the Alpha Legion

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