Witness the corruption of the Emperor’s Children first hand!


A magnificent ending!

Marius Vairosean, Master of the Kakophoni

Initially one of the Emperor’s most loyal Legions, Fulgrim came into contact with a daemonic blade, which slowly corrupted his mind and spread its vile influence throughout his Legion. Under the guise of wanting to achieve perfection, horrific surgeries and rituals were conducted to bring the Third Legion closer to being the greatest warriors. Their fall to Slaanesh, however well-intentioned, had already begun.

The Betrayal at Isstvan III

As Horus made his plans to take over the Imperium, he and his fellow traitors knew there would be loyal elements within their Legions, and they had to be destroyed. Landing elements of the Sons of Horus, World Eaters, Death Guard and Emperor’s Children across the rebellious world of Isstvan III under the pretence of enforcing compliance, the traitor fleet in orbit attempted to virus bomb the loyalists, ensuring a quick annihilation.

This plan however, was thwarted by the courageous actions of Captain Saul Tarvitz, who had remained in orbit, and discovered Horus’ diabolic plan. Taking a Thunderhawk to the surface, he warned the loyalist elements, and saved thousands of lives from the bombardment. Now, the Warmaster and his fallen Legions had to commit to a ground war, and Tarvitzalongside his brother Lucius, and Captains Loken and Torgaddon of the Sons of Horus, raced to organize a last stand.

A Brother Deceived

Unbeknownst to Tarvitz, there was a traitor in their midst. Lucius, who had dreams of climbing the ranks of the Legion and claiming glory for himself, decided he did not wish to perish in a last stand against overwhelming odds. Managing to get in contact with his former Legion, Lucius betrayed the loyalist defenders, killing dozens, and nearly defeating his former brother, Tarvitz, before reinforcements forced him to retreat.

The forces of the Warmaster pressed their assault against the loyalists, taking fearsome casualties as they attacked. Eventually, Horus ordered a full withdrawal, and utterly flattened the Choral City, where Tarvitz and his remaining followers were defending. The Warmaster had succeeded in purging loyal elements from his Legions, but it had cost him dearly in both manpower and time.

The Phoenician and The Gorgon

Entirely confident in his ability to turn Ferrus Manus to the Warmaster’s cause, Fulgrim went to his closest brother aboard his flagship, and spoke to him of Horus’ grand design and overthrowing of the Emperor. Not realising Ferrus’ fanatic loyalty to their father, he was refused. The pair fought briefly, with Fulgrim unable to kill his brother, merely rendering him unconscious, as his forces withdrew to Isstvan V.

There, they prepared their defences against the loyalist retribution for their treachery. The Gorgon, incensed at being betrayed by his closest kin, rushed ahead of the advance to engage Fulgrim in single combat. There, the two Primarchs would battle, and one would fall to the other, changing the course of the Imperium.

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