The Emperor’s Champion cuts into February’s meta report!


“Nothing worthwhile is done without challenge.”

– Sigismund

February has ended, a new Warmaster has taken the title and a new competitive season is on the go! This past month was not a usual one though, since it saw the appearance of the new Sons of Horus Legion in the midst of its competitive season. Did they make their mark in that short time?

Well, let’s take a look at the numbers from last month’s competitive season and check how they are standing in the Standard High Terra (rating 3800+) and Standard Low Terra (rating 2500-3800) rankings, and see how they have evolved since last month. 

Low Terra

Sigismund continues his success streak earning February’s top spot in Low Terra, sporting a remarkable Win Rate. Following him very closely as the month’s top Warlord picks, Gabriel Santar and Luther jump into second and third spots from last month’s fourth and sixth respectively. This feat is emulated by both Curze and Raum, who manage to climb from ninth and tenth to this month’s fourth and fifth spots.

Leading the speartip of the top ten’s second half, Abaddon becomes the first of the new Warlords to be lauded in a Meta Report. After him comes Horus Aximand, who has not been able to achieve a good level of success in matches yet, even if he was one of the favoured player picks after the Legion’s release. Closing the top ten we have Sanguinius who fell from last month’s second to this month’s eighth, Jangsai Khan swooping into the ninth spot and Exodus, who slowly but steadily made it to the top positions of the list.

# Warlord Win Rate  Use Rate
1 Sigismund 61% 3,3%
2 Santar 58% 3,2%
3 Luther 59% 2,9%
4 Konrad Curze 58% 2,6%
5 Raum 59% 2,5%
6 Abaddon 47% 2,4%
7 Horus Aximand 35% 2,2%
8 Sanguinius 53% 2,0%
9 Jangsai Khan 61% 1,9%
10 Exodus 56% 1,8%
11 Camba-Diaz 55% 1,8%
12 Khârn 57% 1,7%
13 Roboute Guilliman 56% 1,6%
14 Kaeria Casryn 56% 1,6%
15 Sevatar 60% 1,6%
16 Cor’bax Utterblight 55% 1,5%
17 Kroeger 54% 1,4%
18 Aloceri 55% 1,4%
19 Tybalt Marr 49% 1,3%
20 Vassago 61% 1,2%
21 Alpharius 50% 1,2%
22 Lion El’Jonson 58% 1,1%
23 Corvus Corax 55% 1,1%
24 Geigor Fell-Hand 58% 1,1%
25 Leman Russ 56% 1,1%
26 Constantin Valdor 52% 1,1%
27 Tylos Rubio 54% 1,1%
28 Kor Phaeron 56% 1,1%
29 Vulkan 53% 1,0%
30 Ka’Bandha 57% 1,0%
31 Jaghatai Khan 52% 1,0%
32 Marius Gage 60% 1,0%
33 Nerat Kirine 58% 1,0%
34 Corswain 60% 1,0%
35 Ohthere Wyrdmake 55% 1,0%
36 Mortarion 56% 1,0%
37 Ulrach Branthan 54% 1,0%

High Terra

The Emperor Champion’s honours keep growing, as he also took February’s first spot in High Terra! Iapto leaps into second place with a very advantageous Win Rate and Jangsai Khan speeds up into the third spot granting the White Scars representation in the top 10 of High Terra for the first time in recent months. In another twist of fate, Kroeger has relentlessly advanced from outside the top 10 last month to the fourth spot in February, with Sergeant Cork taking the fifth rank with another great win rate in High Terra.

Abaddon once again joins the top 10, taking the sixth spot and closely followed in Use Rate by the daemonic Raum but finding less success on the ladder, as players adjust to the new playstyle of the Sons of Horus. The original version of Lucius gains his last meta success before the new one takes his spot, earning a very good eighth spot. The Warmaster himself enters the Top 10 battlefield once again after his new version was released, taking the ninth spot. Rounding the top of High Terra Gabriel Santar drops a few spots from last month, but still manages to keep himself among the highest positions.

# Warlord Win Rate Use Rate 
1 Sigismund 59% 7,1%
2 Iapto 63% 6,0%
3 Jangsai Khan 58% 5,3%
4 Kroeger 57% 4,1%
5 Sergeant Cork 63% 3,8%
6 Abaddon 45% 3,7%
7 Raum 56% 3,6%
8 Lucius 60% 3,3%
9 Horus 47% 3,0%
10 Santar 51% 2,1%
11 Luther 51% 2,0%
12 Tybalt Marr 48% 1,7%
13 Sevatar 50% 1,7%
14 Konrad Curze 50% 1,6%
15 Mortarion 54% 1,6%
16 Geigor Fell-Hand 59% 1,5%
17 Roboute Guilliman 49% 1,5%
18 Ka’Bandha 56% 1,4%
19 Questoris Makabius 50% 1,3%
20 Domine Ex Venari 67% 1,3%
21 Aloceri 54% 1,2%
22 Kaeria Casryn 48% 1,1%
23 Exodus 53% 1,1%
24 Lotara Sarrin 60% 1,1%
25 Narik Dreygur 62% 1,0%
26 Khârn 65% 1,0%
27 Arascid Nassau 55% 1,0%
28 Sanakht 59% 1,0%
29 Nykona Sharrowkyn 57% 1,0%

The meta in the highest positions of Terra greatly shifted from last month, and there are new surprises coming with the new releases from the Shadow of the Warmaster expansion. Will the Emperor’s Children manage to make a perfect score in next month’s ranking? Play the new ranked season and find out! 

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