The Legio Custodes strike! Become a Custodian with their new collection


“Such is the Emperor’s will.”

– Constantin Valdor

The Emperor’s Spear

An elite cadre of genetically-engineered transhuman warriors handcrafted by the Emperor Himself, the Legio Custodes are widely regarded as the deadliest warriors in the Imperium. They are a force of individual warriors, each a bastion in their own right and a sentinel of unmatched capability, and now they have been called to join the fight.

The Legio Custodes joins Warhammer The Horus Heresy: Legions as the third and final new faction of the Inferno expansion! The new faction will become collectable tomorrow, June 21st, with renewed art and mechanics ready to slay any potential threat to the Emperor and the Imperium! Will you deliver the Emperor’s golden justice against His enemies at the command of the Legio Custodes? Keep reading to find out how to collect them!

Changes to Custodes

The Legio Custodes are neither human nor Astartes. They are the Ten Thousand, the protectors of the Imperial Palace, the Emperor’s master-crafted warriors. Previously, Legio Custodes troops were marked as “Custodes” in their troop type. To avoid confusing the “Custodes” troop type with general Custodes troops or even the name of the faction in card text, their troop type is now “Custodian”. This change will also be applied to cards that will rotate to legacy on June 21st.

New Keyword: Exemplar

Exemplar is a new ability available to Custodian troops. Exemplar abilities trigger at the start of your turn, but only if you do not control other Custodians. Exemplar effects are in general more powerful than your average Relentless effect, so your opponent will need to decide if they deal with your threat or attempt to weather the storm.

New Keyword: Nemesis

The Legio Custodes have been trained to face the most dangerous threats to the Emperor and Mankind. To represent this, some of the new Legio Custodes troops have a Nemesis ability. These abilities will trigger when the troop is played and the enemy controls a troop with a higher Attack value.

Legio Custodes Warlords

No Custodian would be unworthy to lead their peers into battle. However, some names carry the weight of a more revered legacy than others. These three Warlords will lead the Legio Custodes on the battlefields of Warhammer The Horus Heresy: Legions:

  • Ixion Hale: Wise and skilled even for a Custodian, he was one of the ten Tribunes dedicated to the safekeeping of Terra.
  • Amon Tauromachian: A lauded member of the Custodes. He defeated Cor’bax Utterblight as it attempted to invade the Imperial Palace.
  • Constantin Valdor: Sitting at the right hand of the Emperor, Valdor is a watchman of inviolable purpose and all but unmatched fighting skill.

Check out their full card gallery

Visit the website’s Card Collection to check the complete gallery of upcoming cards! From the new Warlords to the new tactics and troops. Take a peek at the full extent of the new Legio Custodes collection and sharpen your preternatural senses before the faction’s release tomorrow. Check out the new cards and share your ideas in the #deck-building channel of the official Discord server.

How to start collecting them

There are many ways to collect Legio Custodes cards, especially during the first weeks after their release! Take a look at them:

  • Legio Custodes faction crates contain 5 random cards, 3 of them guaranteed from the NEW Legio Custodes collection including a rare card or better, and the other 2 from all cards released so far in expansions from the Shadow of the Warmaster onwards.
  • Get AMAZING VALUE with a time-limited bundle containing Ixion Hale, 15 Legio Custodes crates and an exclusive premium Card Back, available during the faction’s release weekend.
  • Take advantage of the current and upcoming Battle Pass! Select the Legio Custodes as your preferred faction AFTER THE FACTION IS RELEASED and start collecting them through card rewards. Unlock the Premium Pass to get even more rewards, including Legendary cards, exclusive cosmetics and new content!
  • Play the new event pitting the Legio Custodes against the forces of Prospero and fill your collection! Each reward crate in the event has at least 1 of the new faction’s cards.
  • Check out the Daily shop! Every day there will be new cards for sale with gems for a limited time. Keep your eyes open!

New Twitch Drops campaign

With the Inferno expansion we introduced Twitch Drops into Warhammer The Horus Heresy: Legions! Twitch Drops are a fantastic way to earn additional rewards simply by enjoying Legions content on Twitch, and the Legio Custodes’ release will also begin a new Twitch Drops campaign.

Make sure to follow this guide to learn how to set up your account so you can earn amazing rewards with the new releases!

New event: Tizca Under Siege

A new timed event will allow all players to play with the Legio Custodes in draft mode. The Censure Host advances relentlessly. Clad in auramite, the Legio Custodes become the spearhead of a new assault against the Pyramid of Tizca while the remaining forces of Prospero attempt to regroup inside it.

Remember to complete the guaranteed “Win 3 matches” daily mission to unlock a free event run every day and kickstart your Legio Custodes collection. Every reward crate in the event contains at least 1 of the new cards!

The new Legio Custodes enter the fray on 21st June! Are you ready to unleash the Emperor’s righteous fury with exemplary efficiency?

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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