The original Thousand Sons adapt to their new mechanics


The new Thousand Sons are about to unleash their psychic might against their enemies! Their new cards add a twist to the original collection with the new keywords and interactions. This made many of the older cards feel out of place, so to increase the cohesion of both Thousand Sons versions, we applied changes to cards that joined the game in the Prospero and Galaxy in Flames expansions.

Remember that Thousand Sons cards from the Prospero expansion will rotate out of Standard and become Legacy-exclusive, but cards from the Galaxy in Flames expansion will still be playable in Standard. Check out all the changes below!

What is changing?

All Psychic Powers have been updated to the new model. This means they now cost regular energy to play, and they have been given the new Focus keyword and additional effect. Check out the Thousand Sons release web post to learn what Focus does.

  • Sanakth: Change description to ‘Psyker 1. Arcana: Gain +1/0 on the next attack this turn (2p) Deal 2 damage’
  • Call the Tutelary: Change description to: ‘Give Psyker 2 and +1/+1 to a friendly Astartes. Focus 2: Give it Precognition one turn’
  • Scrying: Change description to: ‘Choose a card in the enemy hand and create a copy of it in your deck. Focus 2: Draw it’
  • Warp Portal: Change description to: ‘Return a friendly troop to your hand. Focus 2: Lower its cost by 3’
  • Enumerations: Change description to: ‘Reflection. Draw 2 cards. Focus 4: Lower their cost by 2’
  • Quickblood: Change description to: ‘Give +1/+1 to a friendly troop. Focus 3: Give it an additional +2/+2’
  • Psychic Lash: Change description to: ‘Reflection. Deal 1-2 damage to a random enemy. Focus 3: Deal 1-3 additional damage’
  • Witchfire: Change description to: ‘Deal 2-5 damage. Focus 3: Deal 2-5 damage to adjacent units’
  • Ashen Blow: Change description to: ‘Destroy the enemy troop with highest attack. Focus 6: Repeat this effect’
  • Astral Warfare: Change description to: ‘Deal 1-3 damage to all enemies. Focus 8: Deal 3 additional damage’
  • Cards that trigger an effect after playing a Psychic Power will trigger with the reworked Psychic Power model, whether you pay the Focus cost or not. This includes:
    • Ankhet Sect
    • Kargori Dreadnought
    • Baleq Uthizzar
    • Osiron Dreadnought
    • Empyrean Purpose
    • The Book of Magnus
    • Hakoris Veterans
    • Unleashed Mind

These changes will go live when the Thousand Sons release tomorrow June 7th, so get ready to unleash your psychic prowess! All will be dust!

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