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Only one of us will walk away from this.

Ferrus Manus, the Gorgon

The Xth Legion were staunch supporters of the ideals of the Great Crusade, and their primarch, Ferrus Manus, was a loyal general of the Emperor. Their bravery and relentlessness, however, became their downfall when they were betrayed on Isstvan V by those they considered their closest allies, the Emperor’s Children.

Treachery in orbit

The Iron Hands were first to land on Isstvan V to secure a landing zone for the loyalist legions. Stationed aboard the Ironside with reserve forces, Captain Shadrak Meduson was awaiting the deployment order when their ship came under boarding assaults from the Death Guard and Sons of Horus.

After a quick survey and analysis of the situation, Meduson took command of the Ironside’s defences. The crew was now in a difficult position, fighting for their lives while unable to join their brothers on the surface in case of need. Without news of the battle, the future of the Iron Tenth might very well be in their hands.

The Avernii Strike

The Morlocks, elite warriors of the Iron Hands and pride of the Avernii Clan, made up the thrust of the loyalist push into Horus’ battle line. Led by First Captain Gabriel Santar, they followed the primarch into combat against their once closest kin.

The Emperor’s Children were the target of their ire. Before the battle, Santar had been grievously wounded by Julius Kaesoron, First Captain of the Emperor’s Children, right after Ferrus Manus refused Fulgrim’s offer to join the rebellion. Now he sought out his opposite to repay the favour and end his betrayal.

The Shattering of the Iron Hands

As the battle intensified, the loyalist Legions called to withdraw and resupply, but Ferrus Manus and his Legion would not tolerate falling back in the face of their most hated foe. Fulgrim was in sight, and the Primarch would not be robbed of his prize.

Pushing relentlessly towards his brother, Ferrus Manus was ready to do whatever it took to stop treachery and rebellion from taking root among the Astartes Legions. After multiple failed attempts to parley, there was but one solution. One way or the other, only one of the Primarchs would walk away from the planet still breathing.

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