Lead the new Iron Hands and raise the storm!


“I do not submit to fate, I shape it!”

– Ferrus Manus

The Iron Hands take a stand!

Enraged by the betrayal of their brother Legions, the IRON HANDS land on Isstvan V ready to stop the Warmaster’s folly. FERRUS MANUS leads the Iron Tenth to bring the Emperor’s justice to the traitors as the first Legion to join the battlefields in the DROPSITE MASSACRE expansion. The Iron Hands are ready to enter the fray when they release tomorrow, the 21st of July!

Prepare to deploy the enhanced troops of the Iron Hands and unleash legions of vehicles on the battlefield! No obstacle shall deter the advance of the Iron Tenth, no enemy shall outlive iron’s punishment. A reckoning is most definitely coming, pity on the soul that gets caught in its storm.

The Iron Hands enter the fray! Check out which other factions are coming in this expansion.

The tragedy of two brother Legions

Since the times of the Great Crusade, the bond between Ferrus Manus and Fulgrim of the Emperor’s Children was well known, and surpassing the amity between any of the rest of the Primarch brothers. Both masterful artisans set on creating the most exquisite weaponry ever seen in the Imperium, they once competed in the forges of Terra to prove themselves the greatest craftsman. When the contest ended, each Primarch was awed by the other’s creation, and so they swapped weapons to seal an eternal friendship with the craft of their hands… or so they thought.

When the Horus Heresy started, Fulgrim convinced the Warmaster that Ferrus may be swayed to their side, if only for the bond the two brothers had shared for aeons. Ferrus was not only outraged by his brother’s betrayal, but by the mere notion of the Iron Hands following the path of betrayal their formerly brother legions had chosen to tread. Wielding the hammer Fulgrim had forged for him, Ferrus was determined to end his brother’s treason before it could even begin. And thus began the duel between the Gorgon and the Phoenix, a duel that would only be settled later during the battle of Isstvan V with an ultimate act of betrayal, forever marking the fate of both of their Legions.

The Warlords of the Iron Hands. From left to right: Gabriel Santar, Ferrus Manus and Castrmen Orth.

Iron Hands Warlords

There’s no shortage of heroes among the lines of the Iron Hands, and among them, three of their greatest warriors were chosen to lead the Legion into the fray:

  • Castrmen Orth: One of the greatest tank commanders of the Imperium and the youngest Astartes to achieve the rank of Spearhead-Centurion. His ‘Subjugator’ armoured battalions are ready to eradicate his enemies in battle.
  • Gabriel Santar: The Primarch’s most trusted friend and advisor, and an exceptional warrior who preferred to deliver iron punishment with his own hands. The First Captain will not let betrayal go unanswered.
  • Ferrus Manus: One of the Primarch brothers and leader of the Iron Hands. A master smith with arms shed in liquid metal who smites the enemy with the same zeal he works the forge. His abhorrence of weakness forever marked the fate of his Legion.

Pride and Augmentation

The Iron Hands enter the battlefields of the Horus Heresy with two new strategic elements in their arsenal: PRIDE and AUGMETICS. Both take an active role in bringing to life the endless zeal and determination of the Iron Tenth and are ready to punish their enemies in battle.

PRIDE is a new keyword similar to an existing one, Resolution. Same to its predecessor, troops with a Pride ability will trigger an effect at the end of the controller’s turn, but in the case of the new keyword, the effect will only trigger if the troop is damaged. This means that Pride troops should be encouraged to take an active role in the battle to get the most out of them or use an alternative method to make sure the ability triggers. Check out some related cards in this reveal.

One such method would be via the use of the new AUGMETIC cards. These special tactics can only be generated via other effects of Iron Hands cards, and provide diverse and useful bonuses to troops at the cost of dealing them 1 damage point. The augmented warriors of the Iron Hands are ready to jump on the enemy and surprise them thanks to their augmetics’ prowess. Take a look at some of them in this reveal.

Start theory-crafting your winning strategy

Visit the website’s Card Collection to check the full gallery of incoming cards! From the new Warlords to the new tactics, troops, and special Augmetic cards, you can see the full extent of the Iron Hands’ new collection so you know how to build an iron-hearted deck when the Legion’s release comes tomorrow. Check out the new cards and share your ideas in the #deck-building channel of the official Discord server.

How to start collecting them

There are many ways to collect Iron Hands cards, especially during the first weeks after their release! Take a look at them:

  • Iron Hands faction crates contain 5 random cards, 3 of them guaranteed from the NEW Iron Hands collection including a rare card or better, and the other 2 from all cards released so far in the Shadow of the Warmaster and Dropsite Massacre expansions.
  • Get AMAZING VALUE with a time-limited bundle containing Castrmen Orth, 15 Iron Hands crates and an exclusive premium Castrmen Orth avatar, available from the Legion’s release until 9 AM UTC on 24th July.
  • Take advantage of the current Battle Pass! Select the Iron Hands as your preferred faction and start collecting them through card rewards. Unlock the Premium Pass to get even more rewards, including Legendary cards, exclusive cosmetics and an ALTERNATE ART!
  • Play the new event showcasing the Iron Hands and fill your collection! Each reward crate in the upcoming ‘The Breaking of a Brotherhood’ event has at least 1 of the new Iron Hands cards.
  • Check out the Daily shop! Every day there will be new cards for sale with gems for a limited time. Keep your eyes open!

New event: ‘The Breaking of a Brotherhood’

The new Dropsite Massacre expansion kicks off with a massive fight between The Gorgon and The Phoenix! Enraged by the traitors’ actions, and in particular the betrayal of his dearest brother Fulgrim, Ferrus Manus takes the lead of the Loyalist offensive on the black sands of Isstvan V. The Emperor’s Children await at the centre of the enemy lines.

Take part in this fight for the ages! Remember to complete the guaranteed “Win 3 matches” daily mission to unlock a free event run every day and kickstart your Iron Hands collection. Every reward crate in the event contains at least 1 of the new cards!

The new Iron Hands enter the fray on 21st July! Are you ready to deliver the iron sentence to the traitors and unleash your mechanical might upon the battlefield? Long live the Iron Tenth!

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