Breach the walls of Terra in the new campaign


“Rust conquers all.”

– Kroeger

Late in the Horus Heresy, the Iron Warriors found themselves overextended, under-supplied and engaged in a myriad of battles that greatly tested their numbers. This bitter sacrifice was key for the traitor’s advance, allowing their brother Legions to make their way to Terra while Perturabo’s sons kept the loyalists at bay.

Devastation Incarnate

Since their fall to the service of the Ruinous Powers, the Iron Warriors dutifully followed the Warmaster in his effort to reshape the Galaxy. Now freed from the imperial constraints, Perturabo gave full reign to his most destructive desires laying waste to world after world, but nothing hurt the Imperium as much as what he and his Iron Warriors did during the Siege of Terra.

Recently promoted into the Trident, the small cadre of Perturabo’s most trusted advisors, Warsmith Kroeger was in charge of many of the Iron Warriors’ actions during the Siege. The Primarch hoped that Kroeger’s bluntness would subvert Dorn’s expectations of a more sophisticated plan of assault, giving the traitor the upper hand to bring down Terra’s defences.

The Brawling Warsmith

Kroeger was a mere trooper at the start of the Horus Heresy but earned his promotion after his flawless performance during the Siege of Hydra Cordatus. He opted for the most brutal and simple approach to war, which clashed with the Trident’s meticulous sieges but often gained the favour of his Primarch, who appreciated the advantages of such tactics.

This was the case during the Battle for the Lion’s Gate, where Kroeger led a frontal assault of Iron Warriors and World Eaters against the defences of the Lion Gate Spaceport. Follow him in his mission to bring down the walls of Terra and finally settle the score against Dorn and his Imperial Fists.

Battle for the Lion’s Gate

Complete the campaign as Kroeger to claim your rewards (including the Warsmith himself!) and unlock more Warlords to play the story. Fight on Terra as all the Warlords to get a more complete picture of the Iron Warrior’s role during the Siege, and best the powerful final boss to earn an exclusive legendary card back.

Take command of the Iron Warriors and sharpen your skills in siegecraft, while testing the latest cards and warlord added to the IV Legion in the Galaxy in Flames expansion. Lay waste to the Imperial Capital and prove your worth!

Is it your first time playing a campaign? Check out the explainer video and blog post to learn all about how to play in the new campaigns and all the rewards you can get out of them. Get ready to experience the greatest battles of the Horus Heresy!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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