Rebuild the Raven Guard in the new campaign


“The Raven Guard stands at the edge of a precipice.”

– Vincente Sixx

After the start of the greatest betrayal in the history of the Imperium of Mankind, the traitors made plans to wither the forces of those still loyal to the Emperor. A swift strike on Isstvan V almost saw the Raven Guard wiped out when their supposed allies from their brother Legions revealed their allegiance to Horus and his revolt. The Raven Guard retreated, but the Legion’s survival was uncertain.

At the edge of a precipice

Desperate and hopeless, Corax sought audience with the Emperor, ready to promise Him that he and his Legion would atone for their failings sacrificing themselves in battle against the traitors. However, his plans changed after the Emperor opened up a new possibility. The Emperor gifted his son with selected memories of the Primarch Project, and with a sample of the Primarch’s genome. With this, there was hope for the Raven Guard.

Corax and his Legion retreated to Kiavahr, a Forge World whose moon Deliverance houses the Ravenspire, headquarters of the Raven Guard. After establishing themselves and making due preparations, Corax tasked the remaining Apothecarion with the research and development of the new recruitment process that could save the Raven Guard. Unfortunately, the powerful gift bestowed upon Corvus Corax attracted some unwanted visitors.

The young apothecary

The betrayal of the second wave’s Legions on Isstvan V caught the Raven Guard by surprise. During the battle, most of the legion’s Apothecarion was killed by their traitor brothers, but Vincente Sixx survived and escaped. With only 15 years in the Apothecarion, Sixx turned out to be the most veteran living member among the Raven Guard apothecaries.

He was appointed Chief Apothecary after his brothers’ demise and given the responsibility to study the Emperor’s gift and use it to rebuild the Legion stronger and better than it had ever been. However, he was about to discover that the conspirators had been planning the Raven Guard’s destruction for a long time.

For whom the bell tolls

Complete the campaign as Vincente Sixx to claim your rewards (including the young apothecary himself!) and unlock more Warlords to play the story. Fight on multiple fronts during the Battle of Ravendelve and best the powerful final boss to earn an exclusive legendary card back.

Avoid the extinction of the Raven Guard and kickstart or bolster your existing collection! Spoil the traitors’ conspiracy and return hope to a dying Legion. Become a hero of the Raven Guard!

Is it your first time playing a campaign? Check out the explainer video and blog post to learn all about how to play in the new campaigns and all the rewards you can get out of them. Get ready to experience the greatest battles of the Horus Heresy!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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