New campaign: The Burning of Prospero


“Swim into the Great Ocean, brothers.”

– Phosis T’Kar

The new single-player campaign is out! Experience the invasion of Magnus’ homeworld from the eyes of the Thousand Sons. Prepare your weapons, focus on your conjurations and get ready to avoid execution.

Sacrifice and Atonement

Upon learning of Horus’ betrayal, Magnus the Red tried to warn his Father by projecting his astral form to Terra. The Emperor, enraged that Magnus had violated the Edict of Nikaea, dispatched a Censure Host to Prospero to apprehend him. Magnus has decided to accept his punishment and atone for his mistakes, but his sons are not to let that happen.

Space Wolves, Custodes, Pariahs… The Emperor’s punitive force has enough power to wipe out the entire Legion. Unleash your powers against the invaders and reap glorious rewards!

Magister Templi

If the Primarch won’t fight, it’s up to the Raptora to protect the planet. Follow Phosis T’Kar in his greatest moment, as he fights through the thick and thin of the massacre to protect the City of Tizca and his homeworld. Stand up and swim into the Great Ocean, it’s time to take a stand!

Protector of the City of Light

Defeat all enemies as Phosis T’Kar to claim your rewards (including the master of the Raptora himself!) and unlock more playable Warlords. Fight the invaders in the Burning of Prospero and best the powerful final boss to earn an exclusive legendary card back. 

Take arms against devastation, Sons of Magnus. For the Imperium!

Learn all about the new game mode!

Do you want to learn how the new campaign mode works? Check out the explainer video and blog post and learn all about how to play in the new campaigns and all the rewards you can get out of them. Get ready to experience the greatest battles of the Horus Heresy!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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