Battle your way to Terra as the Sons of Horus in the new campaign!


You shall salute me.

Warmaster Horus Lupercal

Once the greatest of the Emperor’s Legions, the Sons of Horus turned against the Imperium after the powers of Chaos corrupted the Warmaster. During the rebellion, they fought across dozens of battle zones, from the killing zones of Isstvan to the conquest of Molech where Horus claimed god-like powers, and the battle for the Trisolian system, where he came face to face with his most deadly of brothers, Leman Russ.

At the start of the fight against the Imperium, Horus unleashed his Legion along with 7 others in a combined strike against the forces of the Raven Guard, Salamanders and Iron Hands on Isstvan V. Warriors like Tybalt Marr and Abaddon led the assault against the surprised loyalist forces, resulting in the enemy lines breaking and fleeing the planet. These scattered Shattered Legions proved to be a thorn in Horus’ side, worrisome enough that he decided to take measures against them.

After that, the Warmaster’s march to Terra was no easy task, dealing with enemies at the turn of every corner. Intent on obtaining new powers with which to face the Emperor, the traitor forces endured a costly battle on Molech. Legions, Titans and Mechanicum forces clashed on the surface of Molech, with Abaddon spearheading the main assaults. Following this, the Sons of Horus arrived in the Trisolian system for a simple compliance operation, only to be ambushed by the Space Wolves. Horus was forced to face numerous boarding actions from the Vth Legion. It was here Horus came closest to falling, in a brutal battle with the Wolf King. 

The Hunt for the Shattered Legions

Proving himself a capable commander during the Dropsite Massacre on Isstvan V, Tybalt Marr requested permission from the Warmaster to hunt down the so-called Shattered Legions. These were cells of Iron Hand, Salamander and Raven Guard warriors who had escaped Isstvan V, and now fought a hit-and-run war against the supply lines of the Warmaster.

Gaining approval, Tybalt Marr hunted the Shattered Legions, but their main forces, led by Shadrak Meduson, always seemed to elude him. Forced to play on the enemy’s turf, Tybalt devised a plan to trap the tenacious Iron Hand in a situation he simply could not escape. If he was able to eliminate the stubborn Terran warrior, he would not only ensure the safety of the traitor supply lines but earn the Warmaster’s favour.

Abaddon Unleashed

Captain of the 1st Company and High Chieftain of the Justaerin elite of the Sons of Horus, Ezekyle Abaddon was often seen as 2nd in command of the Legion. Given honour and responsibilities unlike any other, he was often charged with leading wholescale military operations in the Warmaster’s stead. While Horus himself took part in the battle for Molech, it was Abaddon who performed much of the planning.

Fighting across a plethora of enemies, from the Legiones Astartes to the Loyalist Legios, the Sons of Horus would conquer Molech, only to find the Vengeful Spirit had been infiltrated by agents of Malcador the Sigillite. Abaddon marshalled his forces to discover and kill the invaders, only to find two former Sons of Horus leading the attack.

The Warmaster Ascendant

With Molech conquered and the power of the warp at his command, Horus set his sights upon Terra itself. Intending to conquer the Trisolian system in order to restock and resupply before moving on to his final muster, the Sons of Horus were surprised to see the Space Wolves launching a full-scale attack upon their fleet.

Led by Leman Russ, the Wolves of Fenris boarded the Vengeful Spirit itself, hunting for the Warmaster in an attempt to finish the rebellion once and for all. These brutal boarding actions were met by the elite of the Sons of Horus. The Wolf King and Horus clashed in a ferocious battle that would decide the fate of the Horus Heresy. Would the Warmaster be able to withstand the assault of the Emperor’s Executioner, or would he be able to remove one of the deadliest weapons in the loyalists’ hands?

Complete your Sons of Horus collection

Completing the paths of the campaign will grant you many Sons of Horus cards as a reward. If you wish to fill your collection and lead the Warmaster’s finest into battle, there are many ways to do it:

  • The Steam Starter Kit is the perfect way to boost your lines, with a full 30 card deck featuring an Abaddon alternate art version as its warlord and the Serghar Targost legendary card, as well as an exclusive card back, 1000 coins and 5 event tickets.
  • You can find the bulk of the Sons of Horus collection in Isstvan III crates, which are always available in the in-game shop.
  • The Sons of Horus also received additional cards in the Galaxy in Flames expansion. Be sure to get this expansion’s crates in the in-game shop to get their Legendary mission and new troops and tactics.
  • Set the Sons of Horus as your Preferred Faction in the Daily Challenge so your Challenge Reward crates mainly feature cards from this faction.

Is it your first time playing a single-player campaign? check out the explainer video and blog post to learn all about how to play in the new campaigns and all the rewards you can get out of them. Get ready to experience the greatest battles of the Horus Heresy!

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The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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