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Stop this madness.

Leman Russ

The Space Wolves, often thought of as little more than barbarians by many of their kin, had the duty of acting as the Emperor’s most loyal weapons. When the call to sanction Magnus the Red and return him to Terra was given by the Emperor and twisted by Horus to instead purge the Thousand Sons, the Wolves of Fenris were all too ready to comply, for their enmity with the Scions of Prospero was well known.

A Friendship Betrayed

Before the Razing of Prospero, the Thousand Sons and Space Wolves had fought together, and a begrudging friendship had sprung up between Ohthere Wyrdmake and Azhek Ahriman, both being powerful psykers.  Many thought the two would bridge the gap between their distant Legions, but it was all to nought when the Wolves attacked.

Using the knowledge Ahriman had shared with Wyrdmake, they were prosecuted and hunted across the surface of Prospero, with Wyrdmake specifically seeking out the Chief Librarian to kill him himself. Follow Wyrdmake’s journey across Tizca to a final reckoning between one time friends.

The Thirteenth Wolf

Bulveye Greybeard, Jarl of the Thirteenth Great Company of the Space Wolves, had been a long time opponent of the Thousand Sons, and a faithful son of Leman Russ since his rediscovery upon Fenris. Leading his company with ferocious brutality, he was soon striking ahead of the main advance.

As the Thousand Sons began to retreat, the defences became stronger, until he was face to face with the Red Sorcerers themselves. Pursuing them through the burning streets of Tizca, and wherever they would be found, Bulveye had no hesitation when the enemy slipped into a warp portal. He promptly followed them through to continue his fight with the remainder of his Great Company.

The Wolf King

Despite what many thought of Leman Russ, he was no barbarian who only lived to kill, but a brother who did not wish to carry out this fratricide if there was any other way. Even while he battled and fought across Prospero, he sought to convince Magnus to surrender, but no answer ever came.

Eventually, the Wolf King and Red Cyclops came face to face, both turned to hatred and anger at one another for what they believed the other had forced them to do. Warring like gods before the Pyramid of Photep, Leman Russ took the upper hand, and smote him across his knee, forever sealing the fate of the Thousand Sons to join the Warmaster’s forces in the coming revolt.

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