Lead the Dark Angels into the Thramas Crusade in the new campaign!


“This is only the beginning.”

–Nemiel, Brother-Redemptor

Sent to the northern rim of the galaxy by the Warmaster before he declared his treachery, the Dark Angels were absent from much of the Horus Heresy until the Night Lord’s butchery of Thramas caught their attention. Horus knew the Lion and his First Legion would soon join the fight, and ordered Curze to distract and tie up the mighty Angels of Death in a gruelling campaign.

The Warp Assault

During transit through the warp, the Dark Angel’s fleet came under attack from the nefarious denizens of the warp. Followers of Chaos and daemons ran amok through their vessels, and the First Legion responded by organising a rapid defence. 

Brother-Redemptor Nemiel, charged with overseeing and maintaining discipline among his Legion, led a significant portion of the counter-attacks, protecting the Invincible Reason from the daemons rampaging through its hallowed halls. Take control of Nemiel and battle the foul spawn of the warp!

The Seneschal Strikes

The fighting in the Thramas sector was brutal, against both the Night Lords and traitor Mechanicum elements. An unexpected threat came from a brotherhood of White Scars who had mistakenly aligned themselves with the 8th Legion, an error they soon paid penance for.

Corswain led many of these battles against the Night Lords, from Thramas to Tsagualsa, engaging enemy after enemy in single combat. When the 8th Legion called a parlay, Corswain stood by the Lion’s side and plunged into action when the traitor’s ambush was sprung. Can you master the blade and defend your Primarch?

The Vengeance of the Lion

The Dark Angel’s tactic revolved around capturing the traitor forge worlds in the Thramas sector, before consolidating their forces and moving into establishing beachheads in enemy territory and defending the gains they had already made.

The Lion himself, accompanied by thousands of Deathwing warriors, led the charge and took back many strategically important targets. His wrath was mighty against the sons of Curze, and he soon engaged his brother directly on the surface of Tsagualsa, in the first of several duels between them. Will you be able to defeat the dreaded Night Haunter?

Is it your first time playing a campaign? Check out the explainer video and blog post to learn all about how to play in the new campaigns and all the rewards you can get out of them. Get ready to experience the greatest battles of the Horus Heresy!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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