Command the Warmaster’s forces in the new Battle Pass


“We are the harbingers of the Warmaster’s fury.”

– Dagna Aysten

The human forces under the Warmaster’s command march into battle in the new Battle Pass, starting today! Ruthless and strong-willed, the human forces of the Imperium were once united under the Emperor’s mantle. However, the start of the Heresy created a division in their ranks between those willing to protect the Emperor’s work and those who saw in Horus a new hope for mankind.

Unveiling Dagna Aysten, Despot of the Cthonian Cohort

This Battle Pass introduces a new character into the battlefields of the Horus Heresy: Dagna Aysten, heartless despot of the Cthonian Headhunters. Born and raised in Cthonia, she was recruited from the planet’s gangs, who respected no law but the law of the blade. Her cut-throat way of war was seen kindly by the Cthonian Headhunters, where she ruthlessly rocketed to the highest positions of command. Now, she’s prepared to lead her troops on the battlefields of Terra, ready to conquer the Warmaster’s enemies and spill their blood for a new future.

Dagna Aysten comes into the game as an alternate art for Balthazzar Dupain and has the exact same abilities as him. However, her unique art and voice lines offer a different take on the Warmaster’s favoured human hosts. The Traitor Solar Auxilia, which first joined the game in the Shadow of the Warmaster expansion, will soon be receiving further reinforcements. Stay tuned for more news, and get ready to lead the Cthonian Cohort!

New battle pass focused on Traitor Auxilia

Progress through a whole new reward track, riddled with cards, in-game currency and cosmetics themed around the Imperial Army and the traitor regiments that backstabbed the Imperium and joined the Warmaster. As with previous Battle Passes, this reward track will be available to all players for free, with an optional Premium Pass purchase to gain access to an additional premium reward track. For further details on the feature, take a look at the announcement web post.

Any determined player who wants to break through the Warmasters’ rank and file into positions of command will want to get the most out of their Battle Pass. Reaching the end of the reward track will unlock an exclusive seasonal card back. If you have purchased the Premium Pass, you will not only earn all of its exclusive rewards such as new cosmetics and legendary cards but will also unlock a new alternate art for one of the latest Warlords to join the game: Balthazzar Dupain.

Collect your rewards from the previous battle pass

When you log into the game after the battle pass changes, you will be given the choice to progress to the new battle pass. The game will also let you know if you have any unlocked but unclaimed rewards in the reward tracks from the previous Battle Pass. If you do, make sure to claim all those rewards before progressing to the new one. Please note that unclaimed rewards from the previous Battle Pass will no longer be available to claim after selecting the option to start a new Battle Pass.

After progressing to the new Battle Pass you will gain access to a whole new Reward Track and a new set of seasonal missions! All reward points earned from daily and seasonal missions, as well as the weekly challenge, will then start counting towards the new reward track. Select your Preferred faction and take advantage of the Battle Pass to start collecting its cards or to complete your collection!

Upgrade your Battle Pass for perks and more rewards!

Get the most out of your Battle Pass by purchasing the Premium Pass! Players with the Premium Pass unlock an ADDITIONAL reward track, which will grant them extra rewards every time they reach a new level of the Battle Pass. Those who reach the final level of the new Battle Pass will also unlock the amazing new Balthazzar Dupain alternate art: Dagna Aysten!

Purchasing the Premium Pass also retroactively unlocks the rewards from the previous levels so if a player has reached, for example, level 25 in their Battle Pass and then purchases the Premium Pass, they will immediately gain access to the additional Premium track rewards for the previous 25 levels. Additionally, the Premium Pass also contains a number of additional perks. Anyone with the Premium Pass will maintain their Veteran Status for the duration of that Battle Pass, granting them access to an additional card shop tab. Premium Pass holders will also get one additional mission every day, perfect for unlocking rewards faster!

The new Battle Pass system is now live and available to everyone for free! Log into the game, select your favourite faction and complete all the missions to get your rewards!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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