Defend Calth in the new Ultramarines Campaign!


What wins the fight is what wins the fight.

Aeonid Thiel

The Ultramarines, often regarded as paragons amongst the Legiones Astartes and the largest of the Space Marine Legions, were a prime target for Horus to hamstring and ensure they could not be a thorn in his side as he made way to Terra. To accomplish this, he sent the Word Bearers to cripple the Thirteenth at their mustering world of Calth.

A Light in the Shadow

Under pretence of mustering together, the Word Bearers joined the Ultramarines’ vessels in orbit as allies, before turning their weapons on the unsuspecting loyalists. Launching devastating surprise attacks and boarding actions, the Ultramarines were caught entirely off guard by the treachery.

Awaiting disciplinary action aboard the Macragge’s Honour for theorizing on the best way to fight against other Space Marines, Aeonid Thiel was put to the test against daemonic boarders, as well as Astartes from the Word Bearers, as he sought to defend the flagship from the traitors.

The Surface War Begins

With the Word Bearers in control of the void, the Ultramarines on the surface of Calth were forced to defend against orbital assaults, and traitor surprise attacks from across the entire planet. Fell rituals were conducted to summon the denizens of the warp to aid their allies.

Remus Ventanus quickly became a lynchpin of the defences on Calth after surviving an ambush by Word Bearer forces, and rallying a sizable force to his banner. Employing tactical flexibility, he was able to hold multiple battlezones, and force the Word Bearers to fight for every inch they sought to take. Eventually, he would descend into the caverns beneath the surface of Calth, and continue his war there.

The Avenging Son

At the onset of the Word Bearer’s treachery, they were able to set a trap on the bridge of the Macragge’s Honour, and kill many of the Legion command staff. The Primarch was presumed missing after this, until he returned from the void, fighting off Word Bearer boarding parties, and retaking command of the Legion.

Guilliman proceeded to purge his ship of traitor Astartes and daemons, and led a counter-attack to take command of the orbital defence net of Calth, bringing him into further combat against the Word Bearers. Following the battle of Calth, he swore an oath to chase and hunt down Lorgar for the atrocities committed upon his worlds.

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