Fight to Terra as the White Scars in the new campaign!


Here they come, hungry for more battle!

Jaghatai Khan

Trapped behind the Traitor’s lines early in the Heresy, Jaghatai Khan lead his White Scars on several years of hit and run attacks against the Warmaster’s supply lines. As time went by, the 5th Legion realized they were becoming bogged down in battles of attrition, and must return to Terra to stand by their loyalist brothers. 

Horus had unleashed elements of the Emperor’s Children, Death Guard and Iron Warriors to hunt the errant White Scars and crush their resistance. With the 5th leading their signature hit and run tactics, it did not take long for the traitor forces to develop a counterattack strategy, and the losses began to mount for the White Scars. Jaghatai Khan and his Legion had to return to Terra, and so he devised a cunning plan on how to achieve that.

Sending a strike force led by Qin Xa to attack the Kalium Gate and distract the majority of the traitor forces, the Khan and the rest of the Legion struck at Catallus in search of the mythical Dark Glass station. This fabled location would be able to open a warp rift for the fleet to pass into the Webway and emerge at Terra, bypassing the encircling Warmaster’s forces.

The Master of the Keshig Unleashed

Qin Xa led the Keshig of Jaghatai Khan. He was not only a master tactician but also a skilful warrior, renowned as the best swordsman in the Legion bar the Khagan himself. Taking a strike force, Qin Xa commanded many of the raids against traitor supply lines, fighting against the Iron Warriors. Barely surviving a devastating ambush by the 4th Legion at Iluvuin, the Khan ordered Qin Xa to lead a mass assault on the Kalium Gate.

Wearing Jaghatai’s battle attire in an attempt to trick the enemy, Qin Xa led a blistering assault against the Emperor Children’s forces guarding the Gate. The attack had to appear genuine enough for the enemy to focus their attention on the assault, so they broke the enemy lines with unprecedented savagery. Fighting his way through the elite of the 3rd Legion, Qin Xa’s target, Lord Command Primus Eidolon, stood before him. If he could kill Eidolon, a great blow would be struck against the Emperor’s Children.

The Storm Strikes

Left upon Chogoris while the Legion fought in the later stages of the Great Crusade, Targutai Yesugei took a ship to join with the Khan’s fleet after receiving visions of his lord’s death. Battling through warp storms and traitors, he would join with the Khagan once more above Prospero, and remained with the fleet as they fought their hit and run campaign through the years.

Finding the Dark Glass station intact, but inactive, the White Scars had to fight against the Emperor’s Children who sought to deny their retreat. Knowing of the dangers of manning the station, Targutai linked his immense psychic might to that of the Dark Glass station and ripped open a portal into the Webway. The Khan’s fleet was able to pass through, but a final battle awaited him as he stared into the madness of the warp.

The Khan Rides to War!

Worn down by the Second Battle of Prospero against Mortarion, and the years of hit and run attacks, Jaghatai Khan knew his destiny lay upon Terra, alongside his brothers. With Qin Xa leading a daring feint attack on the Kalium Gate, the Khan took the remainder of the Scars to Catallus, seeking the fabled Dark Glass station. 

Ambushed by the Death Guard and Emperor’s Children, the Khagan had to hold the line long enough for Yesugei to open a portal so the Vth Legion could reach Terra without enemy interruption. Not much time would pass before the Great Khan found out this plan was easier said than done. The combined enemy fleet was further reinforced by a host of daemons. Will the Khan be able to deal with an attack on three different sides while to launching a diversion to escape the enemy and reach Terra?

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