2023 in review – the greatest year for Warhammer Horus Heresy: Legions!


This is but a glimpse of the times to come.

– Warmaster Horus

Let the Galaxy burn! The year 2023 has brought more content and changes to the game than ever before. As it draws to a close, let’s reflect on everything that has happened in the war-torn battlefields of Warhammer Horus Heresy: Legions.

To build a new Imperium, the old one must burn.

A new game for a new era

The year started with the largest update ever. Shadow of the Warmaster marked an inflection point, rebranding the game as Warhammer Horus Heresy: Legions, with a new logo, cover art, a whole new on-boarding experience, the start of seasonal battle passes and the largest content update of any expansion, with whole new card sets for the initial four traitor legions in the game!

Let it be war!

The Warmaster leads the charge

The Sons of Horus were the first Legion to receive a new card set. Whereas some loyalist elements remained in their original release, such as Loken and Torgaddon, by now the Warmaster had completed its purge of the Legion and was ready to lead the charge towards Terra.

Their new Speartip trait, many ways to gain Marks of Chaos and range of tactics to deal damage meant the Warmaster had reshaped the legion to fit his new, stunning image: darker, more corrupt, and more lethal in battle than ever!

What delights do you have for me, I wonder?

The Emperor’s Children march to war

Next in line were the Emperor’s Children. Fulgrim led his renewed sons with dazzling brilliance. Armed with ruinous sonic weaponry to disorientate their foes, the gifts of Chaos and restocked with new weaponry and war gear from their conquests across the galaxy, the Emperor’s Children came to claim their rightful spot as the perfect Legion.

There is no stopping the plague.

The Death Guard become death incarnate

Mortarion and the Death Guard joined the battlefield ready to bring death and decay to any who stands in their way. Sworn to spread Nurgle’s corruption and armed with their iconic chemical weaponry, the Death Guard made good use of the reworked Poison mechanic to lay waste to their enemies. Nothing can stop the rot!

Blood for the Blood God!

The World Eaters walk the eightfold path

Angron led the World Eaters onto the battlefield as the last Legion to be released in the Shadow of the Warmaster expansion. Afflicted with an endless rage and a need for bloodshed, the most savage warriors of the traitor Legions arrived ready to offer their victims to Khorne.

The World Eaters featured some familiar abilities such as Berzerk and Rage, but they also gained a new Savage trait, which triggers an effect when attacking. With a wider range of options than ever, they were ready slay anyone in their way with untethered fury.

Headhunters of Cthonia, for the Warmaster!

The Traitor Auxilia takes to the trenches

The Shadow of the Warmaster expansion also brought the first Traitor Auxilia cards. A keyword within the broader Imperial Army faction, the Headhunters of Chtonia hailed from the home world of the Sons of Horus and were often deployed alongside them during the Great Crusade.

Once the Horus Heresy broke, they didn’t think twice before swearing fealty to the Warmaster and joining them in most major engagements on their path to Terra, led by famous Despots such as Balthazzar Dupain and Dagna Aysten.

Show me a flawless performance.

Warhammer Fest 2023 brings Legions and Warpforge to the forefront

A massive stand at Warhammer Fest 2023 allowed visitors to play the revamped Warhammer Horus Heresy: Legions and to get a first taste of Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge, the astounding card game set in the 41st Millennium. The Aeldari Saim Hann Craftworld was showcased for the first time, and those who couldn’t make it to Manchester also had a chance to play in a time-limited demo on Steam.

Besides gaming tables, the stand featured unforgettable experiences such as the Omnispex Chamber, amazing dioramas by Squidmar and masterpieces by Ninjon and Angel Giraldez that visitors had a chance to win. It was a fantastic event!

Sanguis extremis!

The blood flows at Warhammer Skulls 2023

The time for the harvest of skulls arrived at the end of May! Warhammer Skulls 2023, the greatest festival of Warhammer videogames, brought ready to sate Khorne’s thirst for blood and earn his favour.

Infernus Abomination, a new Chaos Assassin warlord, was unlocked in a week-long raid event. The World Eaters received an astounding new alternate artwork for Kargos the ‘Bloodspitter’, while a Steam DLC featuring Angron provided the fastest way to get hold of a Primarch and start collecting the World Eaters.

Into the fires of battle!

The Loyalists strike back in the Dropsite Massacre expansion

Enraged at Horus’ treachery, the Imperium decides to strike back before their revolt can extend any further. Three Legions lead the attack, engaging the traitors in Isstvan V, in a doomed campaign that would become known as the infamous Dropsite Massacre.

Iron will not bend.

The Iron Hands raise the storm

Ferrus Manus led the Iron Hands as they were first to land on Isstvan V. Enraged at his former brothers and ready to stop the Warmaster’s folly, the Iron Tenth were determined to bring the Emperor’s justice to the traitors.

The Iron Hands brought new ways to shed the weakness of the flesh, enhance their troops with Augmetics and unleash legions of vehicles on the battlefield. No obstacle shall deter the advance of the Iron Tenth, no enemy shall outlive iron’s punishment!

Iron Hands warlords, from left to right: Gabriel Santar, Ferrus Manus, Castrmen Orth

I am reforged. Born from the ashes.

Vulkan leads the Salamanders into the fires of battle

Determined to protect humanity until their last breath, the Salamanders joined the battlefields of Isstvan V to stop Horus’ plans to plunge the Imperium into a civil war.

The zealous hosts of Vulkan unleash the flames of Nocturne upon the battlefield and crush their enemies with masterly crafted Artifacts. Mankind must be protected at all cost and the threats to humanity will burn in a raging inferno!

From the darkness, we strike.

The Raven Guard step out from the shadows

Silent and shrouded by the dark, Corax led the Raven Guard into the killing fields of Isstvan V. Even though out of their element, the resolute sons of Kiavahr stood tall on Isstvan ready to give their all on the battlefield. They were to take down the right-most side of the rebel forces, and so initiated a savage assault by land and air, taking down traitor tactical points one by one.

Shadow-walk behind enemy lines and attack from unseen angles! Get ready to master the stealthy tactics of the Raven Guard and deliver true justice upon your enemies.

Night falls. The hunt begins.

The Night Lords haunt the battlefield in the Hidden Dagger expansion

The macabre hosts of Konrad Curze bring the night to the battlefields of the Horus Heresy! The Hidden Dagger expansion for Warhammer Horus Heresy: Legions begins with the release of the new Night Lords collection, featuring fresh new artwork and game mechanics perfect for the murderous VIII Legion.

Get ready to shrink the hearts of your enemies with visceral acts of violence and liberate them of their mortal coils in a fell swoop. Summon the darkness into the hearts of your enemies, and unleash the vilest warriors in the Galaxy against the Imperium’s lackeys!

Iron within! Iron without!

The Iron Warriors tear the Galaxy asunder

Rubble and rust, iron and ruin. Perturabo led the Iron Warriors into battle as the second Legion in the Hidden Dagger expansion. Cold and calculating, the most ruthless strategists of the Horus Heresy join the battle to lay waste to the Imperium of Mankind with roaring cannons and calculated bombardments.

Iron Warriors at Warhammer Horus Heresy Legions

Hydra Dominatus!

The Alpha Legion unveils its plans

Enveloped in a shroud of lies and forgeries, the Alpha Legion made their appearance with a brand new set of cards full of intriguing strategies and schemes.

Get ready to infiltrate behind enemy lines and quell their efforts from the inside. Awaken your sleeper agents, set up your traps in the enemy’s quarter and overwhelm your enemies by striking on all fronts at the same time! The heads of the hydra are ready and in position.

Thrilling! A new chance to compose an anthem of torment.

There is more to come!

As 2023 comes to an end, join us in celebrating the memorable year that was, and get ready for an equally exciting year ahead! What thrilling delights will it bring?

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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